Beagle looking for new home


Due to the change in family circumstances, we are relocating to another country where the climate is much more extreme  so we cannot take her.

(1) Temperament/personality: very timid, no aggression in her, loves sleeping on sofa all day. Comes to cuddles and play when she feels like it. She wants to be part of the family all the time. Fine with strangers (young and old) when she sees them on street but she can be very excitable when we have visitors. She also gets really excited and barky when she sees other dogs on the street (which may appear aggressive but no, she’s just too excited). We keep her attention using treats when out. Not tested with cats and other animals.

(2) Training: Fully house-trained and crate trained. No separation anxiety. She was taken to puppy training at our local vet and DSPCA trainings. Really good with commands when there is food for her.

(3) suitable home: possibly as an only dog (unless prepared to take time to help her adjust), not too many visitors if they don’t like dogs

(4) daily routine: gets up around 7/8 am, goes into the garden and does her business. Comes back and straight onto sofa/crate for the morning. Goes to the garden around lunchtime and then stays with us for a bit. Goes to sofa/crate for afternoon nap. Gets up around 4 and asks for walk. Follows us around after walk until dinner time. Insists on sitting with us when we are on the sofa (which she thinks is hers). Goes to bed when she feels like it. Repeat.


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